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Third Quarter 2005


Welcome to P.R.A.Y.’s Boy Scout News Bulletin.  This Bulletin is how we share information about the religious emblems programs and ways to strengthen relationships with the religious community.


Duty to God Promotion Patch is Well Received

The New Duty to God Promotion Patch has been well received. We appreciate hearing your responses. Here are some of the comments that we have heard:


Outstanding patches. Great idea!

Thank you sooo much for introducing this patch. Sometimes I feel that I am the only one promoting the religious emblems in our troop. This is exactly what I have been looking for to present to our troops/packs/crews. God Bless P.R.A.Y. and all of your efforts!

Count me in as an Ambassador for the Duty to God program! I am the rising Training Committee Chair for the National Capitol District and will make promoting and endorsing this program one of my 5 Wood Badge tickets! Thanks for sending. It could not have come at a better time!

I am already aware of the patch from attending Scouting & the Church's Ministry at Philmont last month (August 2005), and I am scheduled to make a presentation to the Comanche District unit leaders at our Webelos Woods campout in October. I also received the promotional DVD, and have also ordered 100 patches on-line. My Scout Troop and Venturing Crew have also agreed to hear the presentation. I am also promoting Venturing and the Trust Award to a new church nearby. In other words, it's starting to happen!


Frequently Asked Questions About the Duty to God Promotion Patch


We wanted to clarify a few items that weren’t real clear on our original email. Here are some explanations to the questions that we have heard:


Is there a cost for the patches? 

Yes. Here are the price breaks:

1-15 Patches = $3.00

16-30 Patches = $2.75

31-49 Patches = $2.50

50-99 Patches = $2.25

100+  Patches = $2.00


The limited time offer of a free DVD when you order ten patches … how long will that special last?

Through October 15, 2005


The patch pictures a boy kneeling … is this program only for boys?

The program has been focused on the Boy Scouts, but it does not preclude girls from earning the patch. Please note, however, that the DVD only contains resources to be used with the Boy Scouts (the Girl Scouts do not have a video to promote religious awards).


What ages are eligible to receive this patch?

All ages – both youth and adults. The patch is not restricted to Boy Scouts.


I’m confused … What do I have to do to earn this patch?

You have to promote the religious emblems programs. This is a Duty to God Promotion Patch. Adults and youth who 1) make or attend a presentation to learn about religious emblems and then 2) make a commitment to do their Duty to God have earned this patch.


What does it mean to “make a commitment to Duty to God?

Making a commitment to Duty to God can mean deciding to earn your religious emblem, talking to your clergy to schedule a time to earn your religious emblem, presenting information to your congregation, helping younger Scouts learn about religious emblems, etc.


Does this patch replace the square knot?

No. The Duty to God Promotion Patch indicates that you have learned about the religious emblems programs. The Universal Religious Square Knot indicates that you have earned your religious emblem. The two patches are completely different and are not to be confused with each other.


How do I find out where these presentations are being offered?

The point is for YOU to make a presentation. The scripts and resources are provided so that you can make a presentation to your unit. 


How do we order patches?

Patches are available from P.R.A.Y.  by visiting or by calling 1-800-933-7729.


29 Participants Complete First Religious Emblems Course at Philmont


The first “Religious Emblems Course” was held at the Philmont Training Center in August 2005 with 29 participants. The participants included Scout Executives, District Executives, Unit Commissioners, Interfaith Committee Chairs and other volunteers. There were representatives from the P.R.A.Y. Target Councils as well as individuals from other councils across the country. The course not only presented ways to promote religious emblems; it also focused on using religious emblems as a membership tool to increase BSA membership in faith communities.



The Religious Emblems course also featured time for participants to write a plan of action for their councils. Here are some sample plans:


Detroit Area / Potawatomi Plan


Phase 1) Strengthen present units

  • Present plan to Council Staff
  • Present plan to RR Committee
  • Update websites
  • Present program to District Committees
  • Present program to Round table – Invite COR’s & Chaplain Aids
  • Present program at U. of Scouting / Pow Wow
  • Seek expansion of units at recharter time
  • Identify all local religious scouting associations


Phase 2) Expand to similar units

  • Present program to Interfaith Council
  • Obtain list of houses of worship from IFC
  • Bolster RRC & membership committees at Council and District level
  • Identify and present program to the other similar groups


Phase 3) Expand to underserved units

  • Identify cultural groups not served
    • Latin/Hispanic
    • Arab
    • Islamic
    • Jewish
    • AME
    • Orthodox Catholic
  • Search for Ambassador of that Group
  • Learn about their customs and culture
  • Present program at selected groups


Northwest Suburban Council

Horizon I – Existing Customers – Year 05/06

        Identify existing partners who charter a unit and make sales calls to promote the “whole family of scouting” concept. Team up ? with DE’s – shore up dropped units

        Transition __% of “concerned parents” to religious or other community groups. Joint partnership.

        Notify existing Venturer/Explorer Posts with Fire/Police that ACLU ruling does not affect their LFL Charter.

        Newsletter for C.O.R.’s / I.M.’s specifically on thanking institutions for chartering Scouting. 

Horizon II – Similar Organizations – Year 06/07

        Identify local chartered organizations as potential sponsors. Go to existing organizations to help sell new “like” partners.

        Together Dinner: Specific: Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran  

Horizon III – New Units/Underserved Year 07/08

        Municipalities (Park Districts, Fire Chiefs, Police Chiefs, After School Programs in Park Districts)

        Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Polish populations to be served.


Using the Duty to God Promotion Patch to Promote Religious Emblems 

1.                   Evaluate present plan and structure

a.       Form committee

b.      Get buy-in from executive board

c.       Build relationships

        District chaplains

        Executive board members (adult awards)

        Set up meetings with power brokers of the faith communities


2.                   Council Goal (set a goal for religious emblems the same way you set a goal for Eagles)

a.       Staff assignments

b.      Reporting at board and district meetings


3.                   Promotion

a.       Together dinners – ministerial associations, UMC conference, etc.

b.      Information in Fall kickoff packets

c.       Orientation training – give out patches

        September Round Table – give presentation and then give patch (use the patch as additional advertisement)

        O.A. Fall weekends

        Cub/Boy Fall events

d.      Retreats, Hikes – include in calendar

e.      Newsletter articles / Website

f.         Education at ALL levels


4.                   Store

a.                   Provide space in store for books, etc.

b.                  Announce special trainings or presentations (then give out patches)


5.                   Budget - Develop a budget to pay for the plan

a.                   Activity budgets

b.                  Project sales

c.                   Perhaps board can include line item

d.                  Solicit support from other committees


Here’s a sample of what the participants had to say:


I was very grateful that this course included so much information on how to increase membership, especially by using the religious emblems programs. This is a good idea that I had not thought of and can’t wait to get back and put it into action. Instructors were interesting and well prepared. Classes were all easy to follow and stay focused on. Thanks!  [District Executive]


This conference gave me the tools and ideas to go back and make a difference. Thanks!


The time given to work on back home membership plans was very good. It was very helpful to discuss action plans with others while fresh in mind.


Liked having special speakers to talk about their specific topics. Appreciated all the resources and the relaxed atmosphere. The course advisors were great. [Unit commissioner]


Overall very pleased and excited about going back to council and start promoting! [District Executive]


Overall I found each session helpful and informative with information that I did not know. I don’t know of anything I would change.


The new Duty to God Promotion Patch is an excellent idea and great way to get youth and adults to think about working on the religious awards. Good stuff!


Plan Now for Philmont 2006


The Relationships Division is offering the following courses at the Philmont Training Center July 16-22, 2006:


Membership/Relationships Committee

Religious Emblems for Youth and Adults

Scouting for the Home Schooled

Scouting in the Catholic Church

Scouting in the Church's Ministry

Scouting in the Jewish Community

Scouting in the LDS Church

United Methodist Scouter's Workshop


For more information, visit 


Commemorative Patch Set supports R.E.A.P.


A limited number of Duty to God Commemorative patches have been issued to help support the Religious Emblems Awareness Project (R.E.A.P.).  The Commemorative Patch Set has the same design as the standard “Duty to God Promotion Patch,” except for a distinct, metallic gold border. It is 100% embroidered with up to 10 colors per segment. Click here to view. Only 500 sets will be produced. Each set will sell for $100.  Proceeds will support the Duty to God program. The Commemorative Patch Set is available online at


Please note: the Commemorative Patches are sold as a complete set suitable for framing (all four segments of the puzzle patch will be sold for $100). This is in contrast to the standard Duty to God Promotion Patch where only one segment of the puzzle patch is available in any given year.



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