P.R.A.Y. Girl Scout News Bulletin

July 2004


Welcome to the July 2004 P.R.A.Y. Girl Scout News Bulletin.  This Bulletin is how we share information about the religious awards programs and ways to strengthen relationships with the religious community.


PowerPoint presentation

We have put together a ‘Girl Scouts and Religious Awards’ PowerPoint presentation to help promote religious awards programs appropriate for all faiths.  The presentation contains program information, promotional information and resources to be used along with the presentation. 

The following 3 resources can be used to supplement the Presentation:


Service Unit Script


o           Leaders will be able to explain what the religious awards programs are and why girls should be informed about them.

o           Leaders will be able to outline the four basic steps for girls to participate in a religious awards program.

o           Leaders will understand that their role is to provide information (not instruction) for the religious awards programs.

o           Leaders will become familiar with the resources to make presentations on the religious awards programs to their Troops.

Click here for Service Unit Script.


“Script” for Troop Leaders to Present Information on Religious Awards

The Troop Leader is a key person in presenting information on the religious awards programs.  It is key that the leader understands that they only need to provide information on the programs and are not required to instruct classes to complete the program.  The script will help leaders to inform troops and parents about the optional religious awards programs that are available to Girl Scouts and their families. 


Click here for Troop Leader Script.


Preparing for the New Program Year

The following is quick checklist to consider in preparing for the new program year:


Store Manager – check inventory of God and Country booklets (if your council stocks them).  If your council is interested in stocking these booklets in your council store, please contact Joan for more information.

Newsletter editor - Promote the religious awards in your council newsletter.  Click here for a sample newsletter article. 

Troop leader – Make presentations on the religious awards to your troop and parents.  See presentation resources above. 

Girl Scout – Start earning the religious award so that it can be finished in time for Girl Scout Sunday/Sabbath in March.

Interfaith Committee – Plan a special event to recognize religious award recipients on Girl Scout Sunday/Sabbath.


Adult Award Recipients – first quarter of 2004

The adult recognitions are given to adults for outstanding service to young people through service to the faith community and Girl Scouts.  We would like to congratulate the following outstanding adults who received recognition for their service in January, February or March 2004:


Central Maryland GSC

Beth Ann Meister

Protestant God and Service

Centrillio GSC

Debra Vaughan

Protestant God and Service

Citrus GSC

Debbie Wilson

Baptist Good Shepherd

Cross Timbers GSC

Evelyn Williams

Protestant God and Service

Glowing Embers GSC

Gina Louise Coy

Lutheran Servant of Youth

Greater St. Louis GSC

Barbara Ballard

Protestant God and Service

Greater St. Louis GSC

Marchal July-Bennett

Protestant God and Service

Kentuckiana GSC

Lynn Jessup

Protestant God and Service

Kentuckiana GSC

Betty Swope

Protestant God and Service

Middle Georgia GSC

Sandy Dimon

Protestant God and Service

Otahki GSC

Amy Cain

Protestant God and Service

Otahki GSC

Carolyn Goodin

Protestant God and Service

Otahki GSC

Sandy Hastings

Protestant God and Service

San Fernando Valley GSC

Nancy Goss-Bozarth

Protestant God and Service

Sarah Wells GSC

Peggy McCourry

Lutheran Servant of Youth

Savannah GSC

Dollie Reeves

Protestant God and Service

Southwestern Pennsylvania GSC

Nellie Nicholls

Protestant God and Service

If there is someone in your troop or service unit or council who is active in his or her faith community and has done recognizable work with girls, please consider him or her for recognition. Each of these awards requires a nomination.  Click here for adult award applications.





Show off your Religious Awards!

Wear these awards in a single horizontal row on the right side of the uniform blouse, level with the Girl Scout Membership Pin, or on the vest in the area below the membership stars or troop numerals and above the next official insignia already on the vest.  For more info, click here.


To Serve God

P.R.A.Y. has shipped the new To Serve God brochures to those councils who have made requests.  If your council did not receive the email order form or for any additional requests, please contact Joan to place an order.


Usage by Council

See how your council is doing. Compare your usage (of the P.R.A.Y. programs) to other councils.  We have updated the report with year-to-date figures for 2004.  Click here to see the God & Country YTD usage report for your council.  P.R.A.Y. recipient reports were sent the first part of July to each council. These reports list the recipients of all P.R.A.Y. programs within your council. P.R.A.Y. provides these reports as a service to local councils and encourages them to recognize these recipients in their newsletters.


P.R.A.Y. Training schedule

We provide workshops on religious awards, collaborations with faith communities and more specifically the Protestant God and Country Series.  We currently have the following trainings/events scheduled for the upcoming months. 

            San Jacinto Girl Scout Council– Houston, TX – July 2004

National Lutheran Association of Scouters (NLAS) Meeting – Ottawa, IL – August 2004

U.M.C. Conference with Scouting Coordinators and National Association of United Methodist Scouters – September 2004

Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital – Washington, DC – October 2004

Christian Educators Fellowship, U.M.C. Conference – New Orleans, LA – October 2004

Girl Scouts of Northeast Georgia  – Gainesville, GA – November 2004

            Girl Scouts of San Francisco Bay Area – Oakland, CA – January 2005

            4 “All-State” Council Trainings

o       Oklahoma – TBA

o       Minnesota – October 2004

o       Arkansas – April 2005

o       Louisiana – April 2005


If your council is interested in having P.R.A.Y. speak and/or present a workshop at a future event, or you would like more information about what we can do, please contact P.R.A.Y. for more information. 


Tell us what you want to know; what you would like to see in future bulletins; and any questions that you have for P.R.A.Y.

Visit our website and send feedback to let us know!


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