The P.R.A.Y. Program


God and Life (Grades 9-12)


Curriculum Goals:

To provide opportunities for young people to:

  • Strengthen their relationship with Christ

  • Be open to God’s calling in their lives

  • Make a plan for daily Bible reading

  • Experience the joy of serving others

  • Write a statement of commitment

General Description

The God and Life curriculum is the final program in the P.R.A.Y. series. After being introduced to Jesus as their best friend (God and Me), learning how the family is to grow strong in God’s love (God and Family), and studying the church as the body of Christ (God and Church), students in the God and Life program will seek to understand their call to a life of discipleship. The God and Life curriculum will focus on the life of the Apostle Paul as recorded in Acts 9:1-31. This is a brief account that describes how Paul encountered Christ and was changed forever. Five chronological "events" out of this story will be highlighted and used as the focus for the five different sections in this program. Each section will illustrate a key element in learning how to live one's life for Christ:





Samuel is Called by God – 1 Samuel 3:1-10


Section 1: God Calls All Kinds of People

Before his conversion, Paul persecuted Christians. God does not call perfect people. God calls ordinary people and transforms them.


Section 2: God Doesn’t Expect Us to Do It On Our Own

After his conversion, Paul was helped by Ananias and Barnabas. The Christian life needs the help and fellowship of Christian believers.


Section 3: Each of Us Must Make a Personal Response to the Call of God.
After his encounter with Christ on the Damascus road, Paul was baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. He responded and accepted God’s call for his life. The Holy Spirit is at work in our lives – we just need to respond!


Section 4: God Gives Strength to Face Adversities.

Paul led a difficult life: many people wanted him dead. God does not promise a life free from difficulty and suffering. On the contrary, the times of difficulty and suffering may strengthen our dependence on God and prepare us for greater service.  God does not guarantee an easy life, but God does promise to be with us.


Section 5: God Can Accomplish Great Things Through Those Who are Willing to Do God's Will.

Because of Paul, the church was strengthened and it grew in numbers. God can use each of us for God’s purposes!



A typical schedule for completing the God and Life curriculum might include 11 different sessions (an introductory meeting plus ten sessions to complete the five lessons).


Eligibility Guidelines
Youth in grades 9-12 are eligible to participate in the God and Life program even if they do not belong to a Girl Scout, Boy Scout or Camp Fire group (church youth and Sunday School members are eligible to participate in this program). Each participant must have his or her own copy of the student workbook. A pastor's signature is required on the application/order form.


Adult Mentor Program

Parents have the option of enrolling in the God and Life Adult Mentor Program. In this program, the parent is an active learning participant alongside the child. The parent would have lessons and projects to complete in the Mentor Workbook just like the child, and then both parent and child would work on the student curriculum together. The mentor program is designed to provide the adult with additional opportunities to model his or her Christian faith.


Materials Available:

#33609 - God and Life Student Workbook - required booklet for each young person
#33610 - God and Life Counselor Manual - resource guide for the pastor/counselor
#33605 - God and Life Adult Mentor - optional program for parents if they want to participate in the program alongside their children


Booklets may be ordered online at or call 1-800-933-7729. They may also be available at your local council store.



Students must complete all the requirements before ordering any awards. The last page in the Student Workbook is the Award Application Form. This form must be submitted to P.R.A.Y. (awards are not available in local scout shops).

Visit to view the awards.


The following items are available for the adult leading the program. These items may be purchased in advance so that the counselor may wear them while teaching the class.


#001LC – God and Life Counselor Patch
#002L8 – God and Life Counselor Pin