The P.R.A.Y. Program

Quotes from God and Life Users
  • Probably the most favorite thing I did was to conquer my stage fright in project five. - God and Life recipient, Springfield, TN

  • In the midst of several intense activities, the serenity of the God and Life program has really helped to keep my daughter centered. Mantua, UT

  • Jon has become more tolerant and patient in considering others and seems to have “re-committed” in his religious perspectives. - Father of God and Life recipient, Raytown, MO

  • I think my favorite part of the program was the required daily reading. It was challenging, but also helped me to get into a better habit of reading my Bible. - Girl Scout, Brownsburg, IN
  • I liked the program. It made me think about what I believe in and how my actions display those beliefs. It also gave me confidence in what I do because God helps me to do his will. Mooresville, NC

  • I remember the lesson about how people respond to God’s calling the best. All of the lessons were good, but I enjoyed the service projects the most.  Lakehurst, NJ

  • My favorite parts were the service projects and learning more about how God does great things through ordinary people. Chapmanville, WV

  • My favorite lesson was “God doesn’t expect us to do it on our own.” I found the story of Philip and the Ethiopian very interesting. I could relate to it. The situation is like me in physics: I can read it, but I probably don’t get it. I love this series. Cypress, TX

  • This has been a great project to end the high school / scout period and move into the college part of his life. Counselor

  • I did much of the program while I was a counselor at a camp for underprivileged children. I liked the way the program helped me find interesting Bible lessons to teach the kids, especially the lesson on how God calls all kinds of people.  Columbus, GA

  • I liked being reminded to do what God wants, and not to go with the flow of the world. Nashport, OH

  • It is similar to confirmation classes. It provided a medium for opening discussions where our faith was a grey area and now we are closer. Wapakoneta, OH

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