Adult Nomination Forms:

  • Adult recognitions are given to adults for outstanding service to youth through both their church and one of the national youth-serving agencies (Boy Scouts of America, Camp Fire USA, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., American Heritage Girls).
  • Adult awards are not earned like youth awards: An outside party must nominate an adult to receive an award by submitting the required applications, letter of recommendation, and resume of activities.  Self and spouse nominations will not be accepted.
  • The adult award package contains a medal that can be worn around the neck, a personalized color certificate suitable for framing and the following also contain a matching lapel pin: God and Service, Good Shepherd, Lamb, Shofar and Building Faith in Youth.
  • There is an approval process for adult nominations.  Please review the approval process before planning your presentation ceremony.  Click here for P.R.A.Y.'s processing/shipping policy for adult awards.
  • Click here for a price list of the following adult awards.

* Does NOT qualify for the adult religious square knot.

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