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Eligibility Guidelines:
Girls and boys in grades 4 & 5 are eligible to participate in the God and Family program even if they do not belong to a Girl Scout, Boy Scout, Camp Fire or American Heritage Girls group (church youth and Sunday School members are eligible to participate in this program). Each participant must have his or her own copy of the student workbook. A pastor's signature is required on the application/order form.
The new God and Family curriculum is designed to help youth understand the importance of family and God’s role in a healthy family. The God and Family Program provides an opportunity for young people and their families to explore their faith together. Children will compare families and “pizza.” The six steps for making pizza will be compared to God’s plan for strengthening families. The pizza theme is meant to give students a concrete, “hands-on” model on which to build their understanding of God’s love for their families. They will make a pizza as they study how families can grow together in God’s love.

Here are the six steps and the Biblical lessons that they teach:

1. Crust-Foundation – We are God’s Family
Every pizza needs a crust or foundation. Families need foundations, too. Families need to build their foundations on God and on God’s love.

2. Sauce – Family Heritage, Spiritual Heritage
Every pizza has sauce (which has simmered over time). Like the sauce, a family’s heritage grows over time. A family’s heritage, especially its Christian heritage, is an important part of its identity.

3. Toppings – Our Talents and Gifts Strengthen Our Families
The toppings on a pizza make each pizza unique. Like the toppings, the individual members of a family bring unique gifts and talents that strengthen and make their family special.

4. Cheese – In God’s Family We’re Loved No Matter What! Because We’re Loved, We Follow Rules
The cheese on a pizza covers everything and holds it together. Families need to be held together, too. Christian rules and guidelines can help families relate to each other and live together as God’s family.

5. Bake – Being in God’s Family Helps Us When Things Are Tough
When pizza comes out of a hot oven, it’s better than ever! Families can be like pizza: by relying on God, families can come through the heat of tough times and be even stronger.

6. Eat, Share, Enjoy! – In God’s Family, We Share as a Response to God’s Love
Pizza tastes good: it nourishes our bodies and satisfies our hunger. Pizza is fun to share: everybody loves a pizza party. Families are like pizza: they need to provide spiritual nourishment for family members, and they need to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those around them!

In each lesson, students will meet one or more Bible families and complete exercises and participate in activities to help them relate the Bible stories to their own lives. Students will write “recipe cards” to summarize what they have learned and they will create a pretend pizza to represent what makes a healthy family. Students will also have activities to do at home with their families.

A typical schedule for completing the God and Family curriculum might include seven different sessions (an introductory meeting plus six sessions to complete the six lessons).

Adult Mentor Program
Parents have the option of enrolling in the God and Family Adult Mentor Program. In this program, the parent is an active learning participant alongside the child. The parent would have lessons and projects to complete in the Mentor Workbook just like the child, and then both parent and child would work on the student curriculum together. The mentor program is designed to provide the adult with additional opportunities to model his or her Christian faith and to help a young child talk about his or her belief in God.

Materials Available:
#33597 - God and Family Student Workbook - required booklet for each child

#33598 - God and Family Counselor Manual - resource guide for the pastor/counselor

#33595 - God and Family Adult Mentor - optional program for parents if they want to participate in the program alongside their children

#001FC – God and Family Counselor Patch

#001F8 – God and Family Counselor Pin

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