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Friends Emblem

The Emblem

The FRIENDS emblem is an adult recognition program sponsored by the Friends Committee on Scouting, a program of the Friends World Committee for Consultation, Section of the Americas. The purpose of this program is to recognize outstanding contributions to the spiritual and social development of Young Friends through Quaker programs, and through the Boy Scouting, Girl Scouting, or Girl Guiding programs. The emblem may be given to any recorded member or attendee of the Religious Society of Friends, or to adults of other faiths rendering service to Young Friends through these programs.

The FRIENDS emblem incorporates an eight-pointed star, known as the Quaker Star, with a scriptural quotation central to Quaker beliefs, A light that shines in the dark. The red and black Quaker star dates back to work performed by English Friends during the Franco-Prussian War of 1872. It has long been associated with Quaker relief service worldwide. The scriptural passage comes from the first chapter of the Gospel of John, fifth verse. It refers to the light of God, which shines in all humanity.

Standards of Evaluation

The following guidelines are used to evaluate nominees:
1. Supports instruction and spiritual nurture in the family
2. Gives significant service to local Friends Meeting / Church, particularly in leadership positions
3. Demonstrates a Quaker example that is highly regarded by others in the local Friends Meeting / Church
4. Encourages youth to participate in Girl Scouting / Guiding or Boy Scouting as well as religious growth programs
5. Provides leadership in Boy Scouting or Girl Guiding / Scouting
6. Is recognized by leaders in Girl Scouting/Guiding and/or Boy Scouting as a person of exemplary character and integrity, consistent with Quaker values and heritage

NOTE: Work accomplished & dedication, rather than a specific number of years' service, should be the criteria for receiving this emblem. However, it is assumed that the nominee has tenure of consistent service and intends to continue.


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