Youth are challenged to create sacred space for Easter

Sally Hiller is using the “Tents and Shelters” patch with some young scouts and is pleased with how well it serves in preparing for Easter. Here’s what she had to say:

We had a great adventure with the Tents and Shelter Unit. We learned about sacred spaces and how we might use our gifts to help create the outdoor sacred space for Easter. While we will not be building a tent, we will be serving by working in the cemetery and decorating a tree with Alleluia bookmarks that we started making.

The scouts will be removing all the old (artificial) flowers from the graves, picking up fallen branches, and where leaves have gathered - rake them. The Easter service is held in the cemetery. This is a little cemetery at the church, about 100 gravesites and an older congregation. So this is a service project that helps them as well. We will decorate the alleluia tree for Easter Sunday.

We had a great time talking about sacred space and how we create it. I appreciated the three stories. Thank you.

Submitted by: Sally Hiller

[Look for an update to this story after Easter when we post a picture of the Alleluia Tree!]


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