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Troop 5, Clarkesville First United Methodist Church, Announces Four Star Recipient

Troop 5 is pleased to announce that Cameron M. has earned the P.R.A.Y. Four Star Award.

Cameron’s Four Star journey was launched at the Duty to God Weekend at Camp Rainey Mountain in Northeast Georgia Council, BSA. Cameron continued at Camp Rainey Mountain to complete the first three awards. The last award, God and Life, was taught by Jim Gallagher at Troop 5’s hut.  

Here are Cameron’s responses to questions about his experience:

Do you have any comments to share about the Four Star journey? Very rewarding. I got to meet new people and progress on my religious path.

What was hard? The first two programs of Duty to God were hard to attend because the camps were freezing.

Did earning an award at camp make it extra special? Yes, because I got to meet new people and make new friends.

What did you learn? I learned many Scriptures and important figures that are in the Bible.

Best memories? Making new friends and discovering more about my beliefs.

Congratulations, Cameron, on your Four Star Achievement!
Thank you, Camp Rainey Mountain, for hosting Duty to God weekends over the years!

Thank you, Clarkesville First United Methodist Church, for your scouting ministry!

Religious Emblems and the Great Commission

First United Methodist Church Fox Hill

Pastor Brian and Shan Sixbey
First United United Methodist Church Fox Hill

Hampton, VA
2 Girl Scout Troops, 1 Cub Scout Pack, 1 Scouts BSA Troop, 1 Venture Crew


From Shan Sixbey:

We are not called to be passive! We are called to be in relationship with those whom we wish to reach and disciple. So how do we reach our neighbor? How do we connect with those who are different than us? A potential path to discipleship and developing relationships is in our hands! The P.R.A.Y. program is “a Bible-based religious emblems program for Protestant and Independent Christian churches designed to bring children, youth, and families to Christ.” Oh, that. But wait – it truly can be what it says, a program designed to bring children, youth, and families to Christ. What is missing? Us – as disciples, apostles, teachers, and followers – doing what we were called to do: “And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.Matthew 6:15

Read the complete article from the Sixbey’s here. They stand ready “to assist you in planning, implementing and celebrating a viable disciple-making extension in your community.” Please take them up on it!