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Pastor Christopher Davis Receives Lamb Award

Pastor and Scoutmaster Christopher Davis received the Lamb Award for his dedication and commitment to young people. The ceremony took place in a small historic stone church, First English Lutheran, in the northern serene town of Dorset, MN (population 22) where the Eagles nest and the fishing is great. The award was presented by Northern Minnesota Missouri Synod President Reverend Fondow and by a member of the board of directors for the National Lutheran Association on Scouting, Loren Meinke. Elder Charles Dutschmann presented Pastor Chris the certificate on behalf of the congregation. Click here to read more.

Sam S. Receives Four-Star Pin

Family Still Uses Prayer Rocks

This is Sam S. (Star Scout - BSA Troop #109) receiving his God & Life pin and his Four-Star pin from Reverend Doug Patterson at Smithfield UCC in Pittsburgh, PA. Sam is in 9th grade and is pictured with his parents.

Rebecca (Sam’s mom) had this to say: “We still use the prayer rocks from the earlier books! I don't remember which book had us create Prayer Rocks... but we have two or three of them floating around the house, many years later!”

Note: Prayer Rocks were introduced in the God and Me program for grades 1-3. That means Sam’s family has been hiding prayer rocks for at least 6 years!

God and Life Service Project

Noah Creates Camp Songbook
Noah E.
God and Life Award, Four Star Recognition
Ashburn, VA
Boy Scout Troop 1154
Noah is a P.R.A.Y. Four-Star Recipient having completed the God and Me, God and Family, God and Church, and God and Life awards. For his final service project for the God and Life award, Noah created a Songbook for the Chapel Service at BSA Camp Olmsted in Goshen, Virginia. Noah found it difficult to work with the formatting for the document, but he enjoyed it when they sang two songs from his songbook!