Posts From December, 2020

God and Me Final Review

Iliana Passes with Flying Colors

Iliana fulfilled her final requirement for her God and Me award with a zoom meeting with Pastor Crystal, Children’s Church Director at Discovery Church International in Jacksonville, NC, and special guest Debra Hazlewood from P.R.A.Y.  

Iliana knew her stuff! From reciting the Lord’s Prayer, describing her scribble pet (“I made a centipede because I love all bugs - except cockroaches - but especially roly poly bugs!”), explaining the prayer cube, showing the games she made, and telling her favorite part (“Learning that God created me!”), Iliana was excited to show what she learned. As Pastor Crystal commented, “What I love about all this, is that I can tell it is all in your heart … it is a part of you.” What a beautiful outcome of the God and Me program!

Iliana completed the God and Me program at home with the help of her grandma Charisse who is grateful for the experience. “I get so busy being an adult, that I forget that I am a child of God, too. This program was a good reminder for me.” Charisse is looking forward to when Iliana can earn the next P.R.A.Y. award, but until then she is planning on filling the gap with Bible Basics RP3 patches.

Sitting in on Iliana’s final review with Pastor Crystal was also a good reminder for Debra Hazlewood of the excitement and sense of accomplishment that kids have when completing the God and Me award and the life lessons that they learn. Iliana said it best when telling what she learned: “We took a path to be closer to God, and we learned how God is close to us and loves us.”

Thanks, Iliana, for sharing that important lesson. Blessings to you!

Creighton W. Earns God and Life

On Dec. 13, Boy Scout Troop 50 of Auburn, Alabama, honored Creighton W. for completing the God and Life program. Creighton (center) is pictured with troop chaplain Michael Tullier (left) and troop committee chair Rob Stanford (right), who also has served as Creighton's Disciple Group (D-Group) leader since seventh grade. All three attend Auburn United Methodist Church.

Connor Earns the Fire RP3 Patch

Gayla Bergren of St. Thomas Parish in Croom, MD shares this picture of Connor proudly displaying the Fire RP3 patch on his vestments. Connor has since earned the God and Me award and will add that patch to his sash. The Sunday school program utilizes the P.R.A.Y. Series to enhance the faith journeys of their children.

Thank you, St. Thomas Parish, for your ministry to children and youth!

Church Steps Up During Pandemic

Offers Online God and Family Class for Sunday School Youth

Pam Cole of Church Women United of Greater New Bedford, MA reached out to the First Baptist Church during the pandemic when VBS was canceled because of Covid-19.

Church Women United offered to help sponsor a God and Family online program. Although usually associated with a scouting program, Pam knew that God and Family could be earned by all youth, not just scouts. A joint project between Church Women United and First Baptist Church of New Bedford was quickly launched, pizza kits were assembled and delivered by van, and 7 young people shared their work and were recognized on November 15th.

Difficult times call for creative effort and collaboration. Thanks for answering a need and for going above and beyond!

Cub Scout Completes Entire RP3 Series (so far!)


Colton R. completed both God and Me and God and Family and was then challenged by his District Religious Emblem Coordinator to look at the Bible Basics RP3 Patch Series. Game on! Colton started doing the RP3 Series at home. He kept his work in a notebook and was “awarded” each patch as he completed it. Asked about his favorite, Colton responded “Trees!” Here he is holding his 12th and final patch, Bread of Life, and showing off his patch blanket. We are glad to see there is plenty of room: as the RP3 Series continues to grow, we know that Colton will look forward to each new patch and proudly display it on his blanket. Thanks for showing how Scouting and Faith go hand in hand!

Blessings to you, Colton, and may you have a lifelong love of Scripture!