Posts From February, 2017

Rev. Janette Saavedra

Memorial United Methodist Church
Clovis, CA

Scouting Ministry Specialist Michael Feist shared this picture of Rev. Janette Saavedra wearing her scouting stole on Scout Sunday when she presented 17 P.R.A.Y. awards in all four levels. Her stole is made from the material from Boy Scout pants and has Scout Sunday patches and pins, UMC Scouting Ministry patches, and PRAY Counselor pins, with a Sequoia Council CSP across the shoulders. Perfect attire for celebrating Scout Sunday!

Matthew & Kristin Rogahn

Lutheran Lamb Adult Recognition
Our Savior Lutheran Church
Newton, IA

Scout Sunday is big at Our Savior Lutheran Church. And it became even bigger with the presentation of the Lamb Award to two outstanding candidates, Matthew and Kristin Rogahn. The recognition ceremony was a family affair. Matthew’s father, Rev. Gregory C. Rogahn, delivered the sermon and son Zachary presented the Children’s sermon. Special guests included the Mayor and a State of Iowa Representative with a presentation from the Governor.

Part of what makes Matthew and Kristin so special is the husband and wife team engaged in Christian ministry through Scouting AND serving as high school Sunday school teachers and youth group sponsors.  In his letter of nomination, Pastor John Moore said, “I am recommending [Matthew and Kristin] together because they operate most effectively, efficiently, and as a healthy team, and as a family on mission as they serve the Lord and His people through our local congregation and scouting.”

Congratulations Matthew and Kristin! And thank you for your example of commitment and dedication. You inspire us all.

Note: The Lamb Award requires a minimum of ten years of service. The Lutheran Servant of Youth Award requires only five years of service which Matthew and Kristin received in 2009.

Sam and Alex R.

God and Me
Buffalo, NY
Ebenezer UCC

On Feb. 5, 2017 Sam and Alex R. received their "God and Me" awards at Ebenezer United Church of Christ from their pastor Rev. Gary Gossel. It was a wonderful event and was a part of the Church's Scout Sunday worship service.  The boys were very excited to receive their awards.

Thanks to Charles Recktenwalt - their God and Me Counselor and proud grandfather! - for sharing these pictures!


Troop 43

Noahh J., Aidan N., Finn T., Matthew V.
Back row: Pastor John Stiles, Scoutmaster Collins, Counselor Meinke
Front Row: Finn, Noahh, Aidan

God and Family
Trinity Lutheran Church (Chartered organization)
First Lutheran Church (home congregation)
Brainerd, MN

Scout Sunday was a joint endeavor by Trinity Lutheran Church and First Lutheran Church in Brainerd, MN. Scouts Noahh, Aidan, and Finn (Matthew was absent due to illness) were busy and on the go!

Their day started with a pancake breakfast which Troop 43 prepared in appreciation for their chartering organization, Trinity Lutheran Church. While the rest of the Troop stayed behind to do the cleanup, Noahh, Aidan, and Finn then traveled to their home congregation, First Lutheran Church, where they received their God and Family awards from their home pastor Rev. John Stiles, God and Family Counselor Loren Meinke, and Scoutmaster DJ Collins.

Blessings upon Noahh, Aidan, Finn, Matthew, and all of Troop 43!

Blessings upon Trinity Lutheran and First Lutheran churches for their scouting ministries!

Christopher P.

God and Life, 4 Star, and Eagle

BSA Troop #506
Blaine, MN

I had a very busy year in Troop #506. I was able to complete and earn my God and Life award, my 4 Star award, and my Eagle award. My faith journey was a long one, but through each level of this program, I was able to strengthen my own personal faith in God.  I think the best part was the service hours because it provided me an opportunity to share my faith while I was helping others.