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Grandfather's Joy in Working with Grandson

Mark J. was eager to train up his grandson “in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6). It started with a question, “Can I be my grandson’s counselor for his God and Family training?” Look where it led:


“While working in the chapter on cheese, my grandson, James, said that no one can keep all of the 10 commandments.... A few minutes later in a discussion, James accepted Christ as his Lord and savior... P.R.A.Y. literally saved a life! The God and Family program was the bridge to the most important discussion in [my grandson’s] life...thank you ...thank you …praise God!”


It is appropriate for the people of God to gather as a community of faith and share with one another. Thus, the joy of one becomes the joy of all. Let us join Mark and his grandson James and indeed PRAISE GOD!

Dannah Earns God and Church

Dannah M.
God and Church
AHG TX0330
First Baptist Church


American Heritage Girl Dannah M. (TX0330) recently completed God and Church. “The best part of my journey was drawing Jesus’ emotions. It helped me understand that he went through everything we go through.” For Lesson 1, Dannah drew two events in the life of Jesus that she found meaningful (from Like 22:44 and from John 11:35). Dannah is looking forward to earning her Four Star recognition!



Friends Earn God and Family Together

William H. and Miles H.
God and Family
Circle Ten Council, BSA
First United Methodist Church

“William and Miles started work on God and Family in February of this year. Soon, our face-to-face meetings shifted to Zoom meetings so the boys could continue meeting and share their progress with me (their Counselor.) The boys both finished and concluded their classes with a final zoom meeting with the youth pastor at our Methodist church. These guys did the work and we could not be prouder of their accomplishment! This is William's second P.R.A.Y. award and Miles' first one. They plan on completing the next two together. The two boys have known each other since preschool and joined Cub Scouts together and joined Troop 303 in McKinney in February. They are going to do great things in life and the P.R.A.Y. curriculum keeps their journey God-centered and their eyes on the future.”


~Submitted by Melinda, God and Family Counselor

Girl Scout Sunday

Sandra DeTora
Service Unit 923
Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama
Green Hill Presbyterian Church

[This story was received “pre-Covid” but got lost in the commotion. We apologize for our tardiness!]

On Sunday, March 8, many of the Girl Scouts from Service Unit 923 got together at Green Hill Presbyterian Church (Enterprise, Alabama) to recognize Girl Scout Sunday. The Girl Scouts opened the service with a flag ceremony, they acted as ushers, they sang "On My Honor," and they even got the whole congregation to sing along to "Softly Falls." After the service there was a reception with refreshments, including, of course, Girl Scout cookies. This is the 10th year Green Hill has hosted Girl Scout Sunday and the congregation looks forward to doing it for many years to come.


Do the P.R.A.Y. Awards lead to Faith in Action?

This spring Quinn L. completed his God and Life award and presented his work to his pastor Rev. Genser of Vienna Seventh Day Adventist Church. His mother served as his counselor guiding him through the Bible readings and lessons, while his father provided oversight to Quinn’s service projects to the church and the affiliated Vienna SDA Academy School. His mother especially enjoyed getting Quinn’s insight into the Bible lessons and “how he can apply them in his life today.” Wonder how Quinn applied himself? Check out these slides showing the various projects Quinn completed while working on both the God and Church and God and Life awards. You can see the hours, the energy, the growth, and accomplishments over the years. Thank you, Quinn, for your hard work and Faith in Action!