Tore Michaelson Earns Four Star Award

Tore was formally presented his Four Star Award at his combined Eagle Scout Court of Honor and high school graduation party recently!  In conferring the award, his church life group leader underscored the reality of Christ in Tore's life in a way that touched non-believers in the audience.

From Tore's father, "P.R.A.Y. was a meaningful ongoing evening devotional for Tore and me that stretched over eleven years -- all the way from second to twelfth grade. In the reflective warmth of the late evening we talked over the enduring things of life and God's place for us in His cosmos. It occasioned many significant conversations. Again, thank you for this effective ministry. It was a truly faith fortifying experience for Tore."

Tore took his faith to school and was one of the leaders of his high school's faith club. He's now onto St. Olaf College to study chemistry in the fall and to be a witness to Christ to his fellow students.

Members of Pack 808 of Puerto Rico Earn PRAY Awards

Los miembros de la Manada 808 de los Boys Scouts en Puerto Rico estamos muy felices y orgullosos, luego de que varios de nuestros chicos y chicas completaran el emblema protestante y el emblema católico del programa PRAY. Muy entusiasmados hicimos nuestros pedido de libros, completamos los requisitos bajo la supervisión de los consejeros y planeamos las respectivas ceremonias en cada iglesia para la entrega de los reconocimientos. Los chicos y chicas dieron testimonio de cómo el programa los ayudó a conocer y acercarse mas a Dios. Estamos seguros de que las semillas sembradas en sus corazones darán frutos eternos.


The members of The Boys Scouts Pack 808 in Puerto Rico are very happy and proud, after several of our boys and girls completed the Protestant emblem and catholic emblem of the PRAY program. We were very enthusiastic about ordering books, completing the requirements under the supervision of the counselors and planning the respective ceremonies in each church for the delivery of the awards. The boys and girls testified to how the program helped them get to know and get closer to God. We are sure that the seeds sown in their hearts will bear eternal fruit.


Long-time Friends Earn Four Star Recognition

Michael Minenna and Ryan Zoeller are both 10th grade Scouts in Rockaway Township, New Jersey. Their families have known one another for generations and they have worked together on Scouting activities since their Cub Scouting days. The boys live on opposite sides of the large township, so they have attended different schools and have come up through different Scouting units, but one thing that has consistently brought them together has been the P.R.A.Y. program for protestant youth. Having completed the entire sequence of awards since their early elementary days, the two boys have recently completed the requirements for the prestigious and nationally recognized Four Star award. Michael and Ryan have been good friends all along, but the program definitely allowed them to grow in their understanding of their faith and their relationship with God, their families, and one another.

God and Family Easter Project Lasts 12 Years

Four Star Award Recipient Justin B. started “Easter Goodies from Youth to Youth” as a God and Family service project in 2009. It is still going strong 12 years later. This year Justin was at the University of Louisville studying bio-engineering, but he still found time to assemble and donate 30 baskets to Family & Children's Place. The baskets were for ages ranging 0 to 14 years old, and each contained not only candy but a stuffed animal, age-appropriate book, and toy such as a Lego set or Fisher-Price Little People playset.  Boy Scout Troop 1 in Paducah, KY also adopted the EGYY Easter project and donated baskets to local domestic crisis centers. A grand total of 346 baskets (and untold blessings!) have been delivered, all starting 12 years ago from Justin's God & Family service project!

Easter Alleluia Tree


Ascension Lutheran Church
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
Landover Hills, MD

Young scouts in Ascension Lutheran Church made Alleluia bookmarks to decorate a tree on Easter. Because the forecast was calling for rain on Easter Sunday, they hung their bookmarks on a cross inside the church instead. The children learned about trees and helped at their church workday while earning the Bible Basics RP3 “Trees” patch.  Click here for related story.

Quilt Includes PRAY Patches

Ryan’s mom called the P.R.A.Y. office last fall wanting to get additional P.R.A.Y. patches for a quilt she was making to commemorate her son’s Eagle journey. How pleased we were to see the finished product! Thanks to all the families who make the P.R.A.Y. Program central to their scouting experiences!

RP3 Trees Patch

Young Scouts Learn about Trees


Submitted by: Sally Hiller

"The Sycamore Tree is more than 100-years-old and while not an easy one to climb, it is easy to understand why short Zacchaeus did. As Parker, Straton, and Julien experienced the lessons on trees, they learned to identify 10 different trees, discovered ways in which they could bear the fruit of patience, joy, and self-control. To put all of this into action, they helped clear some bamboo, branches, and vines at the workday at their church."

Four Star Girl Scout Serves as Liturgist


Kristin R.
Four Star Girl Scout
Houston, TX
St. Matthew's United Methodist Church

Kristin earned her Four Star award in February, in time to serve as liturgist on Scout Sunday!

God and Family Pizza Dough Makers


Michael A. earned his God and Family award and had some help from his Cub Pack friend. Here they are making pizza dough. They blended it, had it rise in the bread maker and then kneaded it before placing on a pizza stone in the oven. They loved it!