Promoting Awards

Our Saviors Lutheran Church
Everett, WA

David Salzer (3-star Recipient) and Brandon Johnson (4-star recipient) are promoting the P.R.A.Y. Program at a church fair at Our Saviors Lutheran Church

Dr. Seab A. Smith

St. George Episcopal Award
St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church
Prairie View, Texas

Dr. Seab Smith was recognized by the St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church (Prairie View, TX) on Sunday, September 25, 2016, as a recipient of the St. George Episcopal Award.  Pictured with Dr. Smith are the Rev. C. Engle and members of Troop 1906.

P.R.A.Y. Board Directors

Roni Luckenbill, CEO of Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, and Angela Woods, CEO of Girl Scouts, Hornets’ Nest Council, serve on the P.R.A.Y. Board of Directors and work to strengthen the faith component in Girl Scouting. Here they are hard at work!

Last Night’s Pizza Was the Best I Have Ever Tasted

Find Out Why from Pastor Coralee

Isaiah is a bright young man, but when the God and Family evaluation form asked for his favorite part of the program, and all Isaiah wrote was “the pizza,” Pastor Coralee felt she needed to write a letter of explanation. She explained that Isaiah has a very difficult and complicated life and is in the full custody of his Great Grandmother. It was with his Nana that Isaiah participated in the God and Family program, and they loved it. Isaiah understood quite well all the layers, and then the baking and sharing. From the very beginning Isaiah said he would make a real pizza for the last session. And so he did. According to Pastor Coralee, “For a lot of reasons, last night’s pizza was the best I have ever tasted.”  The pizza was a celebration of Isaiah’s “exploring, identifying, using, and celebrating his spiritual gifts/talents, appreciating the family he has (in his Great Grandmother, here at our church, and in scouting) and learning more about God through His Word.”

Thank you, Pastor Coralee, for sharing Isaiah’s story. May God continue to bless your ministry to children (and great grandparents!).

Andrew L.

Andrew L. of Oxford NC, T629, Court of Honor for his Eagle was held on 4-9-2016. As with all Scouts who receive this honor he was very excited. But for his parents Cecil and Co-Wefa he received an award that means ever more. Andrew also received his PRAY 4 Star pin. The 4 Star pin is given when a Scout finishes both his PRAY programs in Cub Scouts and both in Boy Scouts. Less than 1% of Scouts ever receive this award. Andrew states that "My Duty to God is a very important part of my Scouting and every day life. I wish more Scouts took the Duty to God more serious."

American Heritage Girls Troop OH0323

American Heritage Girls troop OH0323 recently held their awards ceremony. Three of their Patriot level girls earned their God and Life award. They were Lizzy L., Madison C., and Nicole S. Madison is also being presented with her four-star award for earning all four levels in the PRAY program. Congratulations girls!

Ethan S.

Ethan S.
Troop 624 Four Star Award
Bellevue, TN

Ethan S. is with Troop 624 out of Bellevue, TN, a suburb of Nashville. For his Eagle project, he replaced a wooden cross in front of our church that had been damaged by water and wind with an aluminum weather proof cross. He also surrounded the cross with a rock garden and three large stone benches. The project was a little expensive but he was able to raise the funds and it went off without a hitch! Ethan is also a Four Star recipient! Congratulations Ethan!

Troop 11 Griffin, GA

Troop 11
God and Life, Four Star
Griffin, GA

God & Life recipients (left to right) Kelly C., Kamrin C., and Scott B. are all Eagle Scouts from Troop 11 in Griffin, Georgia.

Kelly and Scott are both Four Star recipients and Kamrin has three of the four awards excluding God and Family. All three are graduating from high school next month and plan to attend college this fall. Their favorite Scouting memory was traveling to New Orleans one summer and working with Camp Restore to assist home owners rebuilding houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Girl Scout Troop 664 Raleigh, NC

Girl Scout Troop 664
God and Church Award
Edenton Street United Methodist Church
Raleigh, NC

This is the third time that Girl Scout Troop 664 offered the P.R.A.Y. award for interested girls. Troop 664 started 9 years ago, and although the troop membership has fluctuated, the adult leadership has been constant, and they have made sure to offer the opportunity for girls to earn their religious emblem. This year 9 girls earned the God and Church award under the instruction of Beth Norris. Beth has served as P.R.A.Y. counselor over the years for God and Me, God and Family, and now God and Church. According to Troop Leader Marla Turlington, Beth has formed a unique bond with the girls and provides an alternative adult leader from the regular troop leadership. I believe the girls (and Beth) enjoy the program materials and find it perfectly suited for age appropriate learning and conversation.

Counselors play a key role in the P.R.A.Y. Program. Keep in mind the many resources to help counselors deliver a quality program. Click here for resources and videos.

Cody S.

Cody S.
God and Life, Four Star Recipient
Northland United Methodist Church
Stanwood, MI

Cody's Four Star journey begin in Okinawa, Japan where he started the God and Me program, and it ended in Big Rapids, MI where he completed the God and Life program. When asked to reflect on his journey, here's what Cody had to say:

"You don't necessarily think about what you are accomplishing when you are doing each individual program, but now that I have done all four, it is neat to look back and see how far I have come and what I have accomplished." – Eagle Scout Cody