Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts Denham Springs, LA

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts
God and Family
Denham Springs, LA
St. Francis Episcopal Church

Two Girl Scouts earned their God and Family awards at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Denham Springs, LA, along with two Boy Scouts and a Cub Scout. Pictured is Robert Bishop, their counselor; Alyssa B. of Girl Scout Troop 10737; and Mia P. of Girl Scout Troop 10353. Both girls previously earned their God and Me award. The group photo includes at left, Ryan B., a Boy Scout who earned his God and Church award and previously earned the God & Me and God & Family; Charles B. (who previously earned the God and Me), Logan B., and Cooper B. (who also previously earned the God and Me). This was taken during their recognition when they were showing the congregations their pizza boxes.

Isaac G.

Isaac G.
God and Me
Elma, NY
Calvary Heights Baptist Church

"We are so excited for this program. During the program our son accepted the Lord as his Savior. It is because of Isaac we started attending church last summer. It is because of Isaac my husband came to the Lord in January. This program was a part of it too. Thank you!" - Tina G.

Isaac is pictured in front of his congregation saying the Lord's Prayer with confidence.

Dylan D.

Dalton United Methodist Church
Dalton, OH
Dylan D., Four Star Award
Steve Yoder, God & Service Award

DALTON UMC RECOGNIZED INDIVIDUALS FROM EVERY LEVEL OF THE P.R.A.Y. PROGRAM (including a Four Star Recipient and a God and Service Adult Award recipient) Dylan D. received the Four Star Award and is the second in his family to do so (his sister Carrie received her award in 2011). Dylan's best memories are making the pizza boxes and receiving the awards with the other kids. When asked how the P.R.A.Y. program has impacted his life, Dylan responded, It has made me trust in God.

Steve Yoder received the God and Service Award for the United Methodist Church. Click here to read the letter of nomination submitted on his behalf.

Boy Scout Troop 240

Boy Scout Troop 240
God and Church
Gray United Methodist Church
Gray, TN

Boy Scout Troop 240, Gray TN, proudly presents the latest class of the God & Church segment of the P.R.A.Y. Religious Program recipients.

Recipients guided under the direction of Pastor Lloyd Jones, Gray United Methodist Church and Scoutmaster, as well as P.R.A.Y. Awards Counselor, Allan Bridges, are as follows: (from left to right) Allan B., Ethan H., Gavin T., Nicholas B., Pastor Lloyd Jones, Preston K., Keith L., Aleks F., Zephaniah W. and Hayden G. (Recipients not pictured; Coleman P., Andrew D., and Matthew P.) Also assisting, but not pictured are Assistant Scoutmaster and P.R.A.Y. Awards Counselor, Coleen Bridges and Briana Bridges, Venturing Crew Silver Award recipient, who also recently earned her God & Life Award. Briana is committed to continue her work with the P.R.A.Y. program for future classes to help instill religious values in our youth.