Girl Scout Sunday

Sandra DeTora
Service Unit 923
Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama
Green Hill Presbyterian Church

[This story was received “pre-Covid” but got lost in the commotion. We apologize for our tardiness!]

On Sunday, March 8, many of the Girl Scouts from Service Unit 923 got together at Green Hill Presbyterian Church (Enterprise, Alabama) to recognize Girl Scout Sunday. The Girl Scouts opened the service with a flag ceremony, they acted as ushers, they sang "On My Honor," and they even got the whole congregation to sing along to "Softly Falls." After the service there was a reception with refreshments, including, of course, Girl Scout cookies. This is the 10th year Green Hill has hosted Girl Scout Sunday and the congregation looks forward to doing it for many years to come.


Do the P.R.A.Y. Awards lead to Faith in Action?

This spring Quinn L. completed his God and Life award and presented his work to his pastor Rev. Genser of Vienna Seventh Day Adventist Church. His mother served as his counselor guiding him through the Bible readings and lessons, while his father provided oversight to Quinn’s service projects to the church and the affiliated Vienna SDA Academy School. His mother especially enjoyed getting Quinn’s insight into the Bible lessons and “how he can apply them in his life today.” Wonder how Quinn applied himself? Check out these slides showing the various projects Quinn completed while working on both the God and Church and God and Life awards. You can see the hours, the energy, the growth, and accomplishments over the years. Thank you, Quinn, for your hard work and Faith in Action!



Simon and Isaac Earn God and Me

Combination Home Learning and Virtual Meetings


In the chaos of Coronavirus quarantine, Simon & Isaac took time to learn more about Jesus! Here they show off drawings depicting some of the Bible stories they learned. Even though their church was closed, these Cub scouts earned their religious award through a combination of at home learning and virtual meetings! Way to go!

Family Earns P.R.A.Y. Award During Covid-19

Here’s what one family had to say about completing a P.R.A.Y. award together as a family:

“Really appreciate the great program you have to offer. It really helped fill a void during Covid lockdown (no sports, no scouts, no Sunday School). This program really adapted well to an online format. My son’s troop is pushing to have other scouts explore doing this as well.”

Congratulations to Graham and Joslyn on earning their God and Family awards!


AHG Troop Uses Zoom to Finish Bible Patches

AHG Troop IL-0318 was working on two RP3 Bible patches when Covid-19 came, so they finished the lessons over Zoom and completed the requirements for both The Good Book and Out of the Water. According to Troop Shepherd Kelly Carlson, “The lessons were very clear, with good questions for discussion. I found that parents who did the lessons with their daughters had no trouble. The younger girls liked the opening activity too. I hope to use more of the patches and lessons for next year!” Click here for information on the RP3 Series.

Here are some of the AHG girls working on their RP3 lessons. Congratulations to Troop IL-0318!



Easter Service Project Continues Despite Covid-19

Justin B. made modifications for Covid-19 and delivered Easter baskets for the 11th year in a row. What started as a one-time God and Family project has turned into an annual service project called “Easter Goodies from Youth to Youth” and has been adopted by Boy Scout Troop 1. Initially they were unsure of whether EGYY 2020 would happen this year, but after contacting 4 family service centers and hearing that they would still like to receive donated Easter baskets, the decision was made to go forward with EGYY 2020 with the following modifications:

  • Only 1 person assembled the baskets out in the driveway (instead of by Boy Scout Troop 1 at Grace Episcopal Church);
  • Shipping and curbside delivery was utilized to avoid all contact;
  • Baskets were delivered early to be quarantined prior to distribution on Easter.


This year Justin donated 24 baskets in the Louisville KY area and Boy Scout Troop 1 donated 23 baskets in the Paducah KY area. That brings the 11 year running total to 308 children that hopefully had a little bright Easter because of these community Good Samaritans!

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Jesus and Me Scroll


Donald G.
Jesus and Me
New Port, NC
New Bern Church of God
East Carolina Council, BSA

Pastor Wallace shares this photo of Donald who enjoyed the Jesus Scroll Craft.

Donald climbed up on a chair to proudly display his work!


Family Pizza


Michigan G.
God and Family
Lock Haven, PA
Great Island Presbyterian Church
Susquehanna Council, BSA

“Michigan enjoyed this program and the creativity of being able to design a pizza based on his own family’s story.  He loved building the pizza, step by step.”

120 Participants Join Interfaith Hike

Kent Brittain, Religious Emblems Coordinator
River District
Alamo Area Council, BSA

“Our interfaith hike on February 9th for Scout Sunday was a huge success. We had 120 participants with 8 faith stops for a 3.75 mile hike in Downtown New Braunfels, Texas. We had at least 10 families unfamiliar with the P.R.A.Y. program that wanted more information and direction so we will be helping them out to get started. We had all the P.R.A.Y. handouts and information on awards, REC's and Chaplaincy too in a personal effort to have every unit in our District with some kind of religious position filled and trained. We are very enthusiastic about what the Lord has in store for us this year and for next year's event. God bless P.R.A.Y.'s efforts to bring God's light to our youth and families."