"Band of Brothers" Complete Four Star Journey

John, Thomas, Christian
Four Star Award
Salem United Methodist Church

Salem, SC


John, Thomas, and Christian have been very dedicated to the P.R.A.Y. program. Each of them completed the required classes held at Salem United Methodist Church and earned the prestigious Four Star award. They started at age 8 with the God and Me program. They loved making and bringing their GAME box to each class. At age 10 they completed God and Family and created their pizza boxes and, of course, made homemade pizza at the last class. At age 12 they completed God and Church. Each of them did research on their selected religion and we held many open discussions about each one. Finally they completed God and Life. They learned how to relate Paul’s life with their own and how they can overcome anything as long as they put God first in their life. [Click here to read the article “Last God and Life Lesson Completed at Home Due to Covid-19, But Then Group Reconvenes to Re-do Last Lesson Together as a Group.”]

“I had the honor of watching these young men not only grow up throughout the years, but more importantly grow spiritually with their walk with God. I encouraged them to hold on to all their workbooks and refer back to them. I personally learn something new every time I do. I am above and beyond proud of these young men!” ~Tricia Burgess, P.R.A.Y. Counselor



Glimpses of Jesus and Me

Matthew R.
Jesus and Me
Discípulos de Cristo en Ponce

Puerto Rico Council, BSA

Spread out on the floor, here is Matthew reading the Bible, doing the lesson, and finishing his Jesus Scroll Craft. Thanks for sharing your hard work with us. Congratulations on earning the Jesus and Me award!

Award Received in the Nick of Time!

Noah B.
Evergreen Church
Bloomington, MN

Northern Star Council, BSA

Note to P.R.A.Y. from Noah’s father: “Thank you so much for getting the medallion out so quickly! It landed in my mailbox 45 minutes before we had to leave for the Court of Honor… The timing of its arrival, the opportunity for both Noah and I to speak about his experiences to our troop, and then getting to present the medallion to him were all very sweet things.  And it was possible in part because of how you served us. So again, thank you thank you!”

You are very welcome! Congratulations, Noah, and thank you for promoting Duty to God!


Lutheran Servant of Youth Presentation

Michael John Anderson
Lutheran Servant of Youth Award
Pillager, MN

Central Minnesota Council, BSA

In front of a masked audience practicing social distancing, Michael John Anderson received the Servant of Youth award after a six month delay due to quarantine.

At his home congregation Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Baxter, MN Michael has served in the choir, usher, confirmation mentor, Men’s Small Group Bible Study Member and has also served on the building maintenance team. His Scouting life began in 2015 when he became involved with Cub Scout Pack 77 in Pillager, MN sponsored by the Pillager Lion’s Club. serving as a Webelos Leader and then later as an Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 77, he is also a Central Minnesota Council Merit Badge Counselor and a Pine Tree District Unit Commissioner. In addition he has unselfishly assisted a number of years with the district’s Pine Wood Derby.

Ken Toole, current National Lutheran Association on Scouting Executive Board member (pictured at left), and Loren Meinke, former NLAS board member (pictured at right) presented Michael (center) with his award.

Shane's God and Family Pizza

Shane S.
God and Family
The Discovery Center

Abilene, TX
Texas Trails Council, BSA


When reflecting on the God and Family program, Shane shares his thoughts: “It means to me to follow God always. And no matter how much I love my family, I put God first. And I’ll follow his Ten Commandments that he has given.”

Regarding the recipe card to explain how and why Christians share, here is Shane’s response:

"This is what I came up with … How Christians share - they donate food, clothes, money to people in need. And why do Christians share is because sharing is our response to God’s love. Because we are part of God’s family, we want to share. Since God is in my heart and he comes first before anyone or anything. I will do my part in sharing by donating some of my clothes, some kid books, and a couple of paper bags of food."


Shane did the final review with Pastor Paul. Here is Shane showing the different parts of his cardboard  pizza, and making homemade personal pan pizzas. Looks good, Shane!


Religious Emblems Coordinator Receives Doctorate Award

Earl Mattox
Religious Emblems Coordinator
Doctorate of Commissioner Science Award

Bristol, TN

Earl Mattox, Religious Emblems Coordinator for Sequoyah Council, Overmountain District recently received The Doctorate of Commissioner Science Award for his dissertation on the BSA Religious Emblems Program. Earl has been an REC for over 5 years and feels that the Religious Emblems Program is important both for the youth awards and also for adult awards. Earl is also a recipient of the God and Service Award and the Building Faith In Youth Award.

Thank you, Earl, for promoting Duty to God. Congratulations on your Doctorate of Commissioner Science Award!

Pictured with Earl is Anna Booher, counselor and mentor for the Doctorate Award 

Shannon's Hard Work Over the Years

Shannon M.
Four Star Recipient
American Heritage Girls FL2545 

Church of God

Shannon is presented with both her God and Life and P.R.A.Y. Four Star certificates by Rev. Mark Young of Surfside Community Church in Fort Pierce, Florida.  Rev. Young worked with Shannon over Zoom the last few months and saw great work from her.

For one of her projects, she made a video Bible lesson on Zacchaeus (she wrote a script and acted out the characters) to present to the kids for their online services. Her final project was a God and Life PowerPoint Presentation sharing what she learned through the P.R.A.Y. series.


Take a good up-close look at the Four Star award. Last year in 2019 only 18 American Heritage Girls were recognized with the Four Star pin. Congratulations, Shannon, for your hard work over the years!

Sister and Brother Share Four Star Journey Together

Amanda and Brandon W.
Four Star Recipients

Girl Scouts of Nation's Capital
National Capital Area Council, BSA 
East Washington Heights Baptist Church


Girl Scout Amanda and Boy Scout Brandon are sister and brother who started their Four Star Journey back in 2012 when they earned the God and Me award. They followed in the footsteps of their older sister Lydia (a Four Star recipient in 2018), until their path took a unique twist as a result of the pandemic and culminated with virtual meetings via Zoom. Here are Brandon and Amanda with their final projects which they shared with their congregation, again via Zoom.

Thanks to Counselor Amy Warren from Good Shepherd United Methodist Church for faithfully offering P.R.A.Y. classes over the years to ensure the success of these (and future!) Four Stars.

Rebecca's Presentation on the P.R.A.Y. Awards

Rebecca R.
Four Star Recipient

AHG KS0252
Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA)

“Here is a link to the video Rebecca created to share with our troop about PRAY awards. Of course, in this crazy COVID world, she couldn't present in person, but it allowed her the use of technology, and a recorded Zoom call to be able to share and record it for future use. We are hoping this will encourage other girls to pursue their PRAY awards, too!”

~Submitted by Troop Coordinator AHG KS0252

Grandfather's Joy in Working with Grandson

Mark J. was eager to train up his grandson “in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6). It started with a question, “Can I be my grandson’s counselor for his God and Family training?” Look where it led:


“While working in the chapter on cheese, my grandson, James, said that no one can keep all of the 10 commandments.... A few minutes later in a discussion, James accepted Christ as his Lord and savior... P.R.A.Y. literally saved a life! The God and Family program was the bridge to the most important discussion in [my grandson’s] life...thank you ...thank you …praise God!”


It is appropriate for the people of God to gather as a community of faith and share with one another. Thus, the joy of one becomes the joy of all. Let us join Mark and his grandson James and indeed PRAISE GOD!