Saint Mark AME Church Presents “Building Faith in Youth” Awards

On Sunday, September 30, 2018, Saint Mark African Methodist Episcopal Church, Orlando, FL, presented its first ever "Building Faith in Youth" Awards during the culmination worship service of its month long Christian Education activities. The distinguished honorees for this distinguished award were Mrs. Kimberly “Kim” Hill and Mr. Eric “EB” Butler. Their service to the youth of Saint Mark Church is paralleled to none. Mrs. Hill and Mr. Butler begun utilizing the P.R.A.Y. program some three years ago. Over the years, they have utilized the principles of the God & Me and God & Family series in ways which have enhanced intergenerational interaction at Saint Mark. They continue to carry out their ministry to Saint Mark’s  youth with humility and renewed resolve.

Submitted by The Rev. Dr. Missiouri L. McPhee

For more information, click Building Faith in Youth Award or Association of African Methodist Episcopal Scouts

Camdyn Earns God and Family Award


Camdyn D.

Goshen, OH

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church


“We had a lot of fun completing this program together, and my daughter really embraced the Bible stories and had fun writing scripts and having the family act them out.”

Camdyn’s goal is to earn all four P.R.A.Y. awards!


Mark Shares God and Church Experience


Mark S.

Clarksville, IN

New Beginnings Church

"I have learned a lot about Jesus's miracles and how he healed people. I also learned how the disciples spread His words and teachings. My favorite part of the program was to help my Pastor's ministry project of shopping for food with my friends for people in need and then delivering the food to their home. This was my favorite part because I was able to pick out the food and help make sure we got the best value for the food we purchased. I also enjoyed helping my Pastor prepare for a worship service preparing the communion and I also said a prayer during the service. The following week, I helped with the Children's Church."

The Clark Family Makes Pizza!

“We did the God and Family program together along with our Assistant pastor and we loved this 6 week journey. The lessons not only helped our son learn more about God, but brought us closer together as a family. My son enjoyed the connection between the pizza and the family, it helped him understand the importance of family and faith. Thanks again!” - the Clark family, Ohio



Cub Scouts Earn RP3 Patches

Cub Scouts (and their parents) from Pack 35 in Kennedale, TX have been earning the RP3 patches. Here’s what one parent had to say about the RP3 Series:

“This is such a great program. It has brought my son and I closer as we go through each story and then seek counsel from our pastor for further details or to explain what we do not understand. It has also made my son stronger in his faith. Noah received his God and Me pin through Cub Scouts and the Bible Basics RP3 program has kept him in the Bible more on a weekly basis. He decided to give his life to Christ after completing the God and Me classes … and keeps asking me to find more stories like the Bible Basics stories.”

Pastor Shares His God and Family Experience

Pastor Steve was asked to lead a God and Family class for 5 scouts (only one was connected to his church). Little did he know that it would be an opportunity for evangelism! The other participants were brand new to the Bible and knew little about God but were eager to learn and asked such questions as “How do we know there is a God?” During the sessions, a father and older brother sat in the back of the classroom. By the third week they were sitting closer and following along in the Bible, and after class the father approached Pastor Steve and engaged in a discussion of God and science. According to Pastor Steve, “Two brothers gave their heart to the Lord. The father is reading Lee Strobel’s book, The Case for Creation. We had the graduation this last Sunday and the father was in church to hear the gospel message of Jesus Christ!”

God and Family is more than award. Just ask Pastor Steve!

Scouts Receive God and Life Awards During Alaska Adventure

Parents Speak Words of Affirmation to their Sons

Troop 200 chartered to Nixa Christian Church participated in the God and Life program and had the privilege of receiving their awards while in Alaska for a High Adventure experience. Jason Coorts, Assistant Scoutmaster, served as their God and Life counselor and planned a formal ceremony for the presentation of the awards in Alaska. Each Scout received his award individually and then had time of affirmation from his father (and in many cases a letter from their mother, too).  The few dads that couldn’t make the trip sent letters to be read. Although there weren’t any pictures from the award ceremony, Coorts explained, “We hope it was pretty powerful.” Coorts did share the picture above. What a great picture – full of high adventure and affirmation of faith! May these young men continue to pursue their Duty to God through all of life’s journeys.

Maine Four Star Recipients

On June 10, 2018, three young men from BS Troop 50 of Lincoln, Maine were honored to become 4 Star Recipients following in the footsteps of their sisters and cousin (the girls earned their awards in 2013 as members of GS Troop 632 and BSA Venture Crew 5064).   There have only been 6 recipients from Maine since 2005, and 5 have come from First United Methodist Church.  The families have been friends since preschool. This picture captures a special moment in the lives of the church and these families.  May the shared journey of earning the P.R.A.Y. Four Star Award launch these young people into a lifetime of Christian discipleship!