Michael W.  Four Star Award

Trinity Presbyterian Church, Dallas, PA


In April 2011, Michael W. earned his God and Me award. For one of the requirements he had to pretend that he was a grownup looking in a mirror. This is what he said 8 years ago, "I want to rock."



Here's Michael today. He loves to rock, not on a guitar but on the DRUMS! Michael posed with this picture when he was confirmed as a P.R.A.Y. Four Star recipient after completing the God and Life award in June 2019. We feel fortunate to have caught up with Michael (even though it was only by text) given his busy summer at Philmont Scout Ranch, serving as Den Chief at Cub Scout Summer Camp, attending the Presbyterian Triennium Youth Gathering, and planning for his Eagle Project in August. Michael texted that the God and Life program was his favorite, and that being a Four Star meant “being closer to God, Family, Church, and myself.”

Thanks, Michael, for sharing your God and Me picture with P.R.A.Y.  YOU ROCK!


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