Find Out Why from Pastor Coralee

Isaiah is a bright young man, but when the God and Family evaluation form asked for his favorite part of the program, and all Isaiah wrote was “the pizza,” Pastor Coralee felt she needed to write a letter of explanation. She explained that Isaiah has a very difficult and complicated life and is in the full custody of his Great Grandmother. It was with his Nana that Isaiah participated in the God and Family program, and they loved it. Isaiah understood quite well all the layers, and then the baking and sharing. From the very beginning Isaiah said he would make a real pizza for the last session. And so he did. According to Pastor Coralee, “For a lot of reasons, last night’s pizza was the best I have ever tasted.”  The pizza was a celebration of Isaiah’s “exploring, identifying, using, and celebrating his spiritual gifts/talents, appreciating the family he has (in his Great Grandmother, here at our church, and in scouting) and learning more about God through His Word.”

Thank you, Pastor Coralee, for sharing Isaiah’s story. May God continue to bless your ministry to children (and great grandparents!).


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