American Heritage Girls all promise to “Love God.” Indeed, as Christians, AHG members are called to love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.

The “Love God” promotional puzzle patch speaks to this calling by encouraging American Heritage Girls to learn about, promote, and earn their religious award.

About the Patch

The Love God Promotion Patch is a four-segment puzzle patch. Only one segment will be offered in any given year. Participants are encouraged to earn all four segments over a four-year span.

Participants are encouraged to earn all four segments over a four year span. Patches may be pre-ordered for distribution at the presentation / information seminar.

Requirements: Girls and adults must:

1. Memorize Mark 12:29-31.

2. Learn about the religious awards programs. Attend or coordinate a presentation or information seminar on religious awards (sample resources and suggestions are available here)

3. Make a commitment to fulfill your oath to "Love God”. For example:

Girls can commit to earning a religious award at an appropriate time, making a presentation on religious awards to another unit, helping younger girls earn their religious award, etc.

Adults can commit to having 50% of families participate in the religious awards programs, nominating a worthy adult to be recognized with an adult religious award, serving as counselor in their local congregation, etc.