The God and Me curriculum is designed to help children become best friends with Jesus and tell their story of “God and Me” together.

New Revised God and Me Curriculum (Oct 2020) - Click here for details.

Curriculum Goals:

  • To provide an opportunity for young people and families to explore their faith together
  • To help children realize that God is active in every part of their lives
  • To help children know that Jesus is their best friend
  • To memorize the Lord’s Prayer


Children will make a game in each lesson and keep their games in a GAMEBox (God And MExploring BOX). These games will reinforce the Bible lessons and provide opportunities for families to explore God's love together.

Outline Preview

(Full requirements are found in the P.R.A.Y. Booklets)

Jesus Blesses the Children – Matthew 19:13-15
Section 1: God Created Me

Children will study the creation story and learn that God was pleased with all creation. They will acknowledge God as Creator and give praise to God.

Section 2: Jesus is God’s Gift to Me

Children will learn of God’s love through Jesus. As they tell parallel stories of their own birth and the birth of Jesus, they will proclaim that Jesus was born to be their Savior.

Section 3: I Can Talk with God

Children will learn how important prayer was to Jesus and that God wants them to pray. They will learn four parts of prayer to help them share their thoughts with God. Children will be required to memorize the Lord’s Prayer.

Section 4: Because God Cares for Me, I Can Care for Others

As children learn to lean on God as their Good Shepherd, they will be challenged to reach out and be “good shepherds” to those around them.

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