What is FBI?

The Faith Based Initiative (FBI) is a strategy for growth and retention. Faith based units last longer and participants advance farther. The FBI is an approach to developing collaborative partnerships between local Girl Scout councils and congregations.

Girl Scouts: How FBI helps GSUSA

The Faith Based Initiative is a way for local Girl Scout Councils to approach faith communities and collaborate together to benefit girls and young women. The FBI believes that when Girl Scout councils work intentionally with local congregations, not only do girls benefit, but both organizations can be strengthened. The FBI helps Girl Scout councils understand how Girl Scouting can benefit faith communities and grow the membership and ministry of local congregations. Much of the resources that P.R.A.Y. develops are to encourage this type of collaboration.

Faith Communities:  How FBI helps Congregations

FBI helps congregations embrace Girl Scouting as ministry (and not just as another group that meets in the basement). Congregations are helped to understand how Girl Scouting provides opportunities not only for spiritual growth but also for evangelism. Girl Scouting is presented as an intergenerational ministry connecting young people with older adults. Churches also understand how Girl Scouting provides a service to the neighborhood and larger community through its many service initiatives.

Religious Recognitions: The Linchpin Connecting Girl Scouting and Churches

The Religious Recognitions programs connect Girl Scouting with the church. Understanding Religious Recognitions - who creates them, how to promote them, what resources are available - is critical to the FBI.

Why It Works

  • Builds and strengthens partnerships between Girl Scouting and the faith community
  • Research points to congregations as the best place to start new sustainable troops
  • Girl Scout councils and faith-based organizations share similar goals, i.e. membership growth, retention, trained leadership, quality programming, and financial stability
  • Collaborations between Girl Scout councils and faith-based organizations will not only benefit children and youth, but will also benefit the organizations themselves

FBI Start-Up Kit

Connecting with the Faith Community