A brief overview of important events



January - Bible Basics RP3 Goes Virtual with Online Workshops

March - Release of "Great Trees" RP3 patch coincides with GSUSA's Tree Promise Initiative

April - "Sheep" RP3 patch is launched in time for Good Shepherd Sunday


March - P.R.A.Y. Responds to Covid-19 with Eligibility Extension and Virtual Resources

March - "Making Room" is 10th patch in the Bible Basics RP3 Series

May - "Fire" patch is launched in time for Pentecost 2020

October - New Revised God and Me Curriculum launched for grades 2 & 3.

October - "Bread of Life" patch released for World Communion Sunday

December - New Jesus and Me medallion 

December - PRAY Program "Virtual Class PowerPoints" released to support online teaching



January - "Faith Partners" added to PRAY Webstore

April - "On the Road" patch added to Bible Basics RP3 Series

August - P.R.A.Y. announces revision schedule for core curriculum

December - 40th Anniversary of P.R.A.Y.'s ministry


March - "Wind of the Spirit" patch added to Bible Basics RP3 Series

August - "Trees" patch added to Bible Basics RP3 Series

October - Jesus and Me released for Kindergarten and First Grade


February - CEO Noland Signs MOU with BSA Chief Scout Executive

August - "Holes" patch added to Bible Basics RP3 Series

September - P.R.A.Y. adopts new revised Bylaws

September - P.R.A.Y. begins development of new K-1 program "Jesus and Me"


March - Strategic Planning Session

November - P.R.A.Y. welcomes new CEO, Jason Noland

November - New updated website

December - "Tents and Shelters" RP3 patch


Boulder patch added to Bible Basics RP3 series


November – Launched new patch series, Bible Basics RP3

December – 35th Anniversary of P.R.A.Y. ministry


New "Friends of P.R.A.Y." donor base


January – Helped launch BSA's "Religious Emblems Coordinator" positions 

August – Faith Based Initiatives for membership growth


January – Launched P.R.A.Y. Online Store  

March – Strategic Planning “P-E-T-S” [People-Evangelization-Technology-Stewardship]

May – Created new position, Director of Communication and Training

August – Received American Heritage Girls Community Partner Award

July – Launched new look of P.R.A.Y. medals and books


January – Moved the P.R.A.Y. office from W-A-C Industries to current location at South Towne Square


Announced new Building Faith in Youth Adult Recognition


Initiated March Denomination/Agency Conference 

Expanded puzzle patch programs to include To Serve God and Love God

BSA National Supply Group recognized P.R.A.Y. as a "Vendor of the Year"


Initiated Four-Star recognition 

Adopted Vision Statement: Young people are brought closer to Christ through dynamic programs that enable adults in their ministry with youth. Our programs and resources are offered through churches and youth agencies for them to work together for the benefit of youth. 

Adopted Tagline: Building Faith in Youth

Launched Duty to God Puzzle Patch (promotion patches)


Initiated P.R.A.Y. Target Councils & Training


P.R.A.Y. adopted new Board Governance Policies

'01 - '04

Launched God and Family PIZZA program

Curriculum revisions


Changed the legal corporate name from CCYAR to P.R.A.Y.


Long range strategic planning session

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the C.C.Y.A.R. is to actively promote relationships between churches and youth-serving agencies in order to encourage the Christian spiritual growth of children, youth and families.


CCYAR Endowment Trust Fund created.


Developed stronger working relationships with BSA, GSUSA & CF. Led workshops at national CF and GSUSA meetings and various church conferences. Initiated telemarketing strategy to contact all BSA, GSUSA & CF councils.


Mark Hazlewood became the ED after his father’s death.

God and Me was launched.


Gene Hazlewood became the first full time Executive Director.


BSA re-established the Protestant Committee and slowly began to reclaim the controls of the Chaplaincy programs including the Philmont conference.

The Youthscope Newsletter was created.


December – Recognized as 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


The Protestant Committee changed its name to the Commission for Church and Civic Youth Serving Agencies (CCYSA).

The CCYSA became coed.

P.R.A.Y. was created as the business office of the CCYSA.

The CCYSA continued to function as the Protestant Committee for BSA.

Early 70’s

The God and Country program was revised and became coed.

The God and Country program expanded to three levels (God and Family, God and Church, God and Life).

The God and Service Adult Award was created.


The Protestant Committee worked with BSA on the Philmont conference and on Chaplaincy for the Jamboree and Philmont.

Late 50’s

The Protestant Committee became independent of the National Council of Churches.


The Protestant Committee came under the National Council of Churches.


The God and Country Program was established as an award for Boy Scouts (age 12 and up).


The Protestant Committee was formed under the auspices of the Federal Council of Churches.