P.R.A.Y. Community Discussions

P.R.A.Y. Facebook Group

The "P.R.A.Y. Program Resources and Support group" is for Facebook users. This group is for new and seasoned Clergy, Counselors, Mentors, and Parents to support one another.

Please join our group for discussion, networking, idea-sharing, and even constructive feedback. Help strengthen the P.R.A.Y. community!

Spotlight Stories

P.R.A.Y. Spotlight Stories

Read stories shared by the P.R.A.Y Community about their use of the P.R.A.Y Programs, and learn from their examples, or share your own unique story.

We love your stories! Your stories inspire and encourage others to start P.R.A.Y. ministries of their own. Take some great pictures, get parental permission to use them, and share your story here.