P.R.A.Y. Partner American Heritage Girls

2020 Awards 531

2020 Four Stars  16

“AHG strongly encourages all members to pursue Faith Awards.”
–AHG’s Faith Award Program Overview

AHG integrates faith into every aspect of the AHG Program. By encouraging girls to participate in the Faith Awards Program for their denomination, AHG hopes that girls will grow even deeper in faith.

The P.R.A.Y. Program helps support AHG’s FAITH / SERVICE / FUN.  The P.R.A.Y. curriculum offers Bible-based programs, develops servant leadership, and offers fun through GAMEboxes, pizza, and more.

Faith Awards are important through all Program Levels of AHG but are integral to the earning of AHG’s highest award, the Stars & Stripes Award.

“These programs serve as a great tool for learning more about the Lord, and growing closer to Him.”

AHG’s Faith Award Program Overview

When American Heritage Girls earn a P.R.A.Y. award, they are receiving much more than just an award. They are growing deeper in their Christian faith through Bible study, service to their church and community, and working with adult Christian mentors.

P.R.A.Y. Program Series

The P.R.A.Y. Award Helps Protestant Girls Grow in Christian Faith