The God and Church curriculum is designed to lead youth on a three part faith journey.

Curriculum Goals:

  • To strengthen young people’s relationship with Christ
  • To challenge young people to learn about and participate in the worship and ministry of the church
  • To have young people make a plan for daily Bible reading and memorize a creed or statement of belief or passage of scripture
  • To provide the opportunity for young people to experience the joy of serving others

The three parts of the journey are: meeting Jesus, worshiping God, and witnessing and ministering for Christ. Participants will create either a video or a photo album to share what they have learned on their faith journeys. Young people will have the opportunity to work with their pastor or other Christian adult as they study the church's structures and objectives and participate in service projects that will give them a better understanding of the mission of the church.



God Promises to be with Joshua as Joshua Leads the People of God into the Promised Land – Joshua 1:1-9

Lesson 1: Meeting Jesus, the Person
Students will be challenged to see Jesus as a real person who shared our humanity. They will study scripture to understand why it is important that Jesus was human and become familiar with major events in the life of Jesus.
Lesson 2: Meeting Jesus, the Son of God
Jesus is more than just an historical figure. Jesus was fully divine. Students will study what Jesus said about his true identify and read the testimonies of people in the Bible to understand that Jesus is the Son of God. They will hear the Good News of Jesus!
Lesson 3: Meeting Jesus, the Head of the Church
Students will read about the birth of the church at Pentecost and learn that Jesus invites us into relationship with the church. They will then study the history of their own congregation and denomination and be required to memorize a creed, statement of belief, or significant passage of scripture.
Project: Daily Bible Reading
The best way to get to know Jesus is to read the Bible. Students will read their Bible every day for at least three weeks. Their counselors will help them choose a plan.
Lesson 4: Learning how Christ Worshiped God
Students will discover how Jesus worshiped God in his everyday living. They will also learn about prayer.
Lesson 5: Exploring How My Congregation Worships God
Students will explore the different worship opportunities in their congregation and attend a worship service with their counselor. They will study the different parts of a worship service and the special celebrations in the church year.
Project: Discovering How I Can Worship God
Planning an outdoor worship service, visiting other churches, and preparing a devotion for a Sunday school class are some of the choices that students have for Project II.
Lesson 6: Learning How Christ Witnessed and Ministered to Others
Witnessing and ministering go hand in hand. Students will learn of Jesus’ compassion for people who are hurting.
Lesson 7: Exploring How My Congregation Witnesses and Ministers to Others
Students will study the structure of their congregation and learn about the outreach programs of their church.
Project: Discovering How I Can Witness and Minister to Others
The final project requires young people to do service hours for their congregation as well as for their community. They are also required to invite a friend or acquaintance to church (or to participate in a service project).

Interdenominational Resource

The God and Church curriculum was developed without theological bias; yet it was designed to permit the introduction of particular theological and denominational viewpoints on the material being studied. It is the responsibility of the counselor to provide this specific instruction. Therefore all students use the standard God and Church curriculum regardless of church membership.

It is at the God and Church level (when students study their specific denomination), that the following denominational logos are available on 3/4" Pins to be pinned into the ribbon of the God and Church medallion: African Methodist Episcopal, Anglican (ACNA), Baptist, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Episcopal, Lutheran, Nazarene, Pentecostal, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Presbyterian Church in America, and United Methodist. Information on ordering these recognition items is contained in the Student Workbook. (Note: These denominational items are available only at the God and Church level.)

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