Parents have the option of enrolling in the Adult Mentor Program. In this program, the parent is an active learning participant alongside the child. The parent would have lessons and projects to complete in the Mentor Workbook just like the child, and then both parent and child would work on the student curriculum together. The mentor program is designed to provide the adult/parent with additional opportunities to model his or her Christian faith and to help a young child talk about his or her belief in God.

The counselor is the pastor (or other adult assigned by the pastor). The counselor serves as an instructor who gives assignments to the young people, and it is the young people who do all the work.

Mentors are parents who have chosen to work alongside their children on the God and Country curriculum. Mentors are active learning participants (students) with lessons to complete in their  own workbooks just like their children. Both mentors and children work under the supervision of the pastor or counselor.

The Adult Mentor Workbooks are designed to help parents focus on their faith and their relationship to their children. The lessons are patterned after the student curriculum so that the parents are studying the same topics and scripture as their children, but at an adult level. For example, in the God and Me program, when the children read the story in the Bible about Jesus blessing the children, they will talk about how they are important to Jesus and how they are loved by him. Their parents, on the other hand, may discuss other questions: Have you ever acted like the disciples? When has "important" work kept you away from your children? What can you do to bring your children closer to Christ? Children will understand how important it is to grow in faith when they see their parents doing their "homework" (reading the Bible and answering questions).

Parents need to complete their work in the Adult Mentor Workbook prior to working with their children. After completing their own lesson, parents will then focus on helping their children complete their work in the Student Workbook.

Churches that offer God and Country programs for children can encourage parents to serve as mentors. Parents are encouraged to attend classes with their children. At some point in the class, parents will meet separately to discuss the lessons in the Adult Mentor Workbook and share their thoughts with other parents.

Yes, parents can "wear two hats" and serve as counselors and mentors. When the pastor asks the parents to work on the program with their children at home, the parents are in essence serving as counselors, i.e. they are "teaching" their children and helping them be successful in completing the requirements. At the same time, they can also choose to be "mentors." Being a mentor is an entirely different role. A mentor has to answer questions and complete the requirements in the

Adult Mentor Workbook. Parents who choose to participate in the Adult Mentor program are challenged to model their faith and share their faith with their children. They are showing their children that it is important even as an adult to always seek to grow in faith.

It depends on the youth agency. GSUSA and Camp Fire USA allow the pin to be worn on the uniform, but BSA does not (BSA permits the patch to be worn as a temporary patch, but not the pin).

No. The only way that an adult can receive the square knot is to be nominated for one of the national adult recognitions.

The mentor pin may be worn by parents who have successfully completed the Adult Mentor Program. This is a program for parents to work on while they lead their children through the God and Country Series. There is an adult workbook that must be completed.

The Adult Recognition Awards are by nomination only (they are not work/study programs like the youth awards, or the Adult Mentor Program). These are honors given to worthy adults for their outstanding service to youth through both their church and one of the national youth agencies. Most of the awards require a minimum number of years of service. Recipients of these awards are unaware that they are being nominated: an outside party must nominate them to receive an award by submitting the required application, letters of recommendation and resume. Please check on specific eligibility requirements by visiting the adult nominations page and clicking on the appropriate adult brochure/nomination form.