More than 200 American Heritage Girls attended Summer Camp 2018 at Camp Tulakogee in Oklahoma. Girls came from troops in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri and Kansas. This summer was the fourth year in a row that the Love God program was presented to all the girls at the AHG Summer camp sponsored by the OK0412 Camp Committee. The Love God puzzle patch challenges girls to earn their religious emblem. Over 200 girls earned their first, second or third patch at camp this year, and more than 20 girls earned their 4th patch, meaning they had been at camp four years in a row.

The Love God patch requires girls to memorize Mark 12:29-31. Here are some AHG girls practicing the hand motions to help them memorize “Love the Lord with all your …. MIND…” Reciting Bible verses was mentioned as a way to stay positive in a wilderness survival situation for the Survival, Search and Rescue badge taught at that camp.

Patches were provided by the Asbury United Methodist Women in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who hold a huge garage sale each year to fund projects to help Christian women.


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