Colton R. completed both God and Me and God and Family and was then challenged by his District Religious Emblem Coordinator to look at the Bible Basics RP3 Patch Series. Game on! Colton started doing the RP3 Series at home. He kept his work in a notebook and was “awarded” each patch as he completed it. Asked about his favorite, Colton responded “Trees!” Here he is holding his 12th and final patch, Bread of Life, and showing off his patch blanket. We are glad to see there is plenty of room: as the RP3 Series continues to grow, we know that Colton will look forward to each new patch and proudly display it on his blanket. Thanks for showing how Scouting and Faith go hand in hand!

Blessings to you, Colton, and may you have a lifelong love of Scripture!


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