"God Calls All Kinds of People"




Justin M.  - God and Life

Emma Gray Memorial United Methodist Church

Woodruff, SC 





Justin M. presented his artwork “God Calls All Kinds of People” to Emma Gray Memorial United Methodist Church and Pastor Andy Watson on Scout Sunday 2019. Justin’s artwork was one of his God and Life service projects. He made the design using Adobe illustrator at RD Anderson vocational school where he took commercial graphics. Justin hopes to convey “a message of unity in Christ within scouting, the church and community, especially among youth.” According to Pastor Andy, “This started with God and Country at summer camp. When we came back, we started God and Life for 8 weeks on Tuesday nights. The use of and study of the Bible is a positive experience for the young men.” Justin is grateful for that experience: [The God and Life program] has taught me a lot of lessons and allowed me to make memories I will never forget so I am thankful that I got to go through this program, and I will wear that medal with honor.”

[Justin is the second from the left in the photo.]



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