"Our Faith Journey 2018"

Kieran W. completed the God and Church requirements through Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Rockville Centre, New York. His favorite part was “making the scrapbook and reviewing pictures of my First Communion and my Baptism.” His mother Diana participated in the mentor program and they did a joint scrapbook of their faith journey together. According to Diana, “My child learned how to research, and we learned a lot about our church history. We enjoyed putting together a scrapbook of Our Faith Journey. My son learned about my religious education and how active his great-grandparents were. We learned and shared our views on activities in our workbooks. Being a Mentor has helped nurture the relationship between my son and I; as we explored our connection with God and our Church.”

These images from their scrapbook give an inkling about the faith conversations that Kieran and his mom might have had while working on God and Church. For information on the Adult Mentor Program, click here.


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