A Message from Jason Noland, CEO

I am excited and honored to join P.R.A.Y. as its new chief executive officer.  I appreciate the warm welcome; every call, every email.  I owe a special thank you to Debra, Jennifer, and Joan.  The team here is committed to their work and serving you.  If you have ever called on them, you know firsthand what I have witnessed.  I’m blessed and grateful to have their support helping me throughout this transition. Please feel free to reach out to us for assistance with our collective work.  We are happy to hear from you. 

From the beginning this organization has been led by Mark Hazlewood and following in his shoes will not be easy.  I am grateful that he is assisting and available as I learn the details and intricacies of our work.  His patience and purpose is imprinted across the program’s culture and it is important that we continue to fulfill the mission to build faith in youth.  Thank you Mark and best wishes in your retirement. 

Finally, thank you to the Board of Directors for this leadership opportunity.  This role and this organization are fulfilling both professionally and personally.  I stand firmly with you as we develop methods and means to tell our story and engage others.  We have much to offer.

Over these years the input and feedback from recipients, mentors, and counselors like you, have impacted the lives of tens of thousands of young people, building stronger pathways to their faith and Christ’s work.  You are important, and I know we can depend on you to walk alongside as we grow and continue that legacy, that mission.

Jason Noland, CEO

Jason Noland
Chief Executive Officer