Shane S.
God and Family
The Discovery Center

Abilene, TX
Texas Trails Council, BSA


When reflecting on the God and Family program, Shane shares his thoughts: “It means to me to follow God always. And no matter how much I love my family, I put God first. And I’ll follow his Ten Commandments that he has given.”

Regarding the recipe card to explain how and why Christians share, here is Shane’s response:

"This is what I came up with … How Christians share - they donate food, clothes, money to people in need. And why do Christians share is because sharing is our response to God’s love. Because we are part of God’s family, we want to share. Since God is in my heart and he comes first before anyone or anything. I will do my part in sharing by donating some of my clothes, some kid books, and a couple of paper bags of food."


Shane did the final review with Pastor Paul. Here is Shane showing the different parts of his cardboard  pizza, and making homemade personal pan pizzas. Looks good, Shane!



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