Tore was formally presented his Four Star Award at his combined Eagle Scout Court of Honor and high school graduation party recently!  In conferring the award, his church life group leader underscored the reality of Christ in Tore's life in a way that touched non-believers in the audience.

From Tore's father, "P.R.A.Y. was a meaningful ongoing evening devotional for Tore and me that stretched over eleven years -- all the way from second to twelfth grade. In the reflective warmth of the late evening we talked over the enduring things of life and God's place for us in His cosmos. It occasioned many significant conversations. Again, thank you for this effective ministry. It was a truly faith fortifying experience for Tore."

Tore took his faith to school and was one of the leaders of his high school's faith club. He's now onto St. Olaf College to study chemistry in the fall and to be a witness to Christ to his fellow students.


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