Noahh J., Aidan N., Finn T., Matthew V.

Back row: Pastor John Stiles, Scoutmaster Collins, Counselor Meinke
Front Row: Finn, Noahh, Aidan

God and Family
Trinity Lutheran Church (Chartered organization)
First Lutheran Church (home congregation)
Brainerd, MN

Scout Sunday was a joint endeavor by Trinity Lutheran Church and First Lutheran Church in Brainerd, MN. Scouts Noahh, Aidan, and Finn (Matthew was absent due to illness) were busy and on the go!

Their day started with a pancake breakfast which Troop 43 prepared in appreciation for their chartering organization, Trinity Lutheran Church. While the rest of the Troop stayed behind to do the cleanup, Noahh, Aidan, and Finn then traveled to their home congregation, First Lutheran Church, where they received their God and Family awards from their home pastor Rev. John Stiles, God and Family Counselor Loren Meinke, and Scoutmaster DJ Collins.

Blessings upon Noahh, Aidan, Finn, Matthew, and all of Troop 43!

Blessings upon Trinity Lutheran and First Lutheran churches for their scouting ministries!


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