Although the P.R.A.Y. awards are strictly for Protestant and Independent Christian Churches, this data can serve as a barometer for councils indicating how well they are doing in promoting Duty to God.

These statistics will help your Council set goals for increasing the number of religious emblems earned in districts and units. Usage of religious emblems has an impact on a Council’s overall youth retention. Please share this information with your Council Religious Relationships Chair, Religious Emblems Coordinators, and other key volunteers. Note: You can sort the data in different ways by clicking on the column headings.

Councils use this information to:

  • Publicize award recipient names (newsletter, website, annual report, etc.)
  • Send congratulatory letters to recipients
  • Send congratulatory letters to churches
  • Invite recipients to special events or banquets
  • Update advancement records
  • Share reports with other staff members or committees
  • Contact the congregations for membership potential
  • Monitor how well the Council is doing with Duty to God and working with faith communities

2019 Usage 

Usage History

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Councils with 50 or more recipients AND a 10% or more increase over last year

2018 By Program Level