Eagle Scout
Troop 323
Land O Lakes, FL
Four Star Award

Spence: “I don't really remember much from God & Me because it was so long ago but I remember that I enjoyed it.  One of my favorite parts of God & Family was making the pizza. We got pizza boxes from a local pizzeria and were able to keep all of our course materials in the box too.  When we did God & Church, I enjoyed learning more about the history of the church and it was during this course that I accepted Jesus as my Savior.  For God & Life, my pastor was actually our counselor and I really learned a lot from him.  I'm glad I went through all four levels and was very honored to receive the Four Star Award.”

And for my comments as a proud mom:

“We are so very proud of Spence and his accomplishments.  He earned his Eagle in July 2015 and then decided he wanted to finish out the PRAY program.  Once we got schedules straightened out, he worked with Pastor Russ to complete God & Life.  I served as Spencer's mentor for God & Me and then as a co-counselor for God & Family and God & Church, so I've seen first-hand how he has grown in his faith through the PRAY programs.”


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