Me, Family, Church, Life, Four Star
Upton, MA

Thirteen girls and boys completed the requirements of the P.R.A.Y. Awards program at United Parish in Upton. All four program levels were represented. United Parish also recognized its first Four Star recipient, Aidan L.

All P.R.A.Y. participants took part in a community service project to benefit “Project Just Because,” a nonprofit offering relief and support to those in need. Using prepared kits, the students tied the fleece layers together creating a day blanket, rolled them into a bed roll, and attached a message of encouragement and hope of their choosing.  15 blankets were delivered to the office of Project Just Because. 

Congratulations to these youth and their families for committing time to strengthen their faith as children of God and demonstrate their Duty to God as Scouts. 

Blessings to Orianna, Erin, Autumn, Timothy, Dillon, William, Cordilla, Megan, Jack, Jack, Ivie, Madison, and Aidan.

Thank you to counselors Leanne Luetkemeyer, James Ray III, Dawn LeClaire, and Rochelle Ray.


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